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If you are a person saying “Am I going to retire?” and you can answer, “No, I am probably going to work until I die.” then you are on the right path.
What stops us from ever achieving financial freedom is the simple fact that we often act like an employee. Well employees work from monday to fryday, some even saturday and look forward to the weekend having little flexibility in their work life or financial life. So, how do you stop that from happening?

For an entrepreneur, accumulating money without reinvestment is siphoning potential away from your business. You need to start diversifying— pulling the money into other assets that will give you a solid return while you figure out what to do with your business to get it to the next level

the Cook Island Trust and Belize Trust provide the strongest and most tested foundation for an offshore asset protection strategy. There is a benefit to our inefficient U.S. legal system. It allowed the clock to run out of the plaintiff while your assets are safe behind an asset protection trust.

Bitcoins and altcoins open new ways to not only the way we transfer money worldwide (keyword Ripple) but also to create fortunes. Bitcoin creates wealth because many people do not trust the regulated ways currency is run nowadays. You want to learn more?

Are you aware how BTC works? Newest development is the switch of coinbase's userbase Read about the switch by clicking., Also on the news is CELSIUS, a cryptocurrency startup. just click in Crypto News. Read about why crypto is so easy to steal and why a lot of small time investors are scammed when signing up for an initial coin offering,

On the other hand you could also be of the not do fortunate hemisspehere, where your state sells its passports to their citizens to higher rates than the so called free market, where your state does little for you; curious to get out? Have a look into the 2nd passport options.

You are more interested in the Bitcoin blockchains entering the banking sector, or what is slowing down bitcoins output?
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The way to wealth

wealth creation for open minded people

First rule is to spend less than you actually make: Great many entrepreneurs see themselves as “self-employed”. Forward thinking is requiered to make wealth creation and it protection feasible.

Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual Credit Cards are part of a livestyle few people know

Virtual Credit cards are used by many people who don't like to use their own real plastic card due to being unsure if the information of the credit card can be compromised, they fear their card information can go into the wrong hands.

2nd Passports

D&F Group is one of the best, if not the best legal, consulting and wealth management companies in South America.

Wealth Creation

When you diversify your structure, a creditor may need to maintain a legal case in both Nevis and Cook Islands or Belize

Virtual Credit Cards

Used up your balance? You can top up your VCC using Paypal or Bitcoin. You see those virtual cards can be easily topped up.