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the best virtual credit card platform is hx8800.com

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We provide a Virtual Credit card (vcc) solution based on Visa Cards. Our Virtual credit cards can have any name and address and can be used to activate or verify AlertPay , PayPal , Adwords accounts or else etc. Our Virtual credit cards are not expensive and fairly easy to use.  No sign in or registration/verification needed.

Nice Virtual Credit Cards - Buying with Paypal, Skrill, BTC, ETH

hx8800 is a platform offering a convenient VCC (Virtual Credit Card) making thus online shopping easy. Using these cards, you are able to share your info with any e-commerce site without the fear of being hacked and loosing your personal account details. We are dedicated to our customers.  We give you a Virtual CCard  flexibel enough to use it with any name and address as you wish. You can communicate with us in English, Spanish or German. 

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the best virtual credit card platform is hx8800.com

Buying with hx8800's VCC Online

  •  You can quickly send and receive money using hx8800.com Virtual Ccards. Using the Money online for personal or business purpose. 
  • Once your VCC's balance  is finished, just refill it and enjoy its facilities safely again.

Verification or activation Vccs can only be used once i.e they expire the same way why all Virtual CCards we sell. Your Virtual Credit cards can be used both to verify accounts and also to do purchases over internet. 

Moreover they can also be reloaded once the balance of your Virtual CCard is gone. 

We deliver with nice prices and pretty fast. 


Whether you are travelling or shopping online from home, with VCC, you can make payments flexibly and conveniently. 

And the best part is that you can start using Virtual CCard in just a few simple steps.

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