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How to leave when a passport is too pricey  

Looking for a 2nd citizenship and needing a payment plan to set you up? With hx8800 Group you can get approved instantly, order, and send in your papers by next week with our Payment Plan! Our process is quick and simple:

  • There’s no credit check, and just a small fee to apply!
  • Apply online using your approval amount.
  • Receive a login and wait for the email with documents to e-sign.
  • This can take up to 1 business day to receive. E-sign the documents, pay an admission fee of US$ 65 for the registraion and prepare for a payment of 20% than a monthly payment of $450 i.e. (over aproximately 2 years).
  • First US$ 65 and you will get a login then once we received confirmation of the first payment we’ll send an email with the confirmation. Follow ups are normal again once we have additional information on your order! It’s pretty simple!

    It works for all applicants with an age over 18 years as followed. Children are are part of a family package (please inquire). After a bank account in the client's name has been opened a total amount of $12,500 must be deposited in a one year fixed term bank deposit.

  • Free of any Bulgarian court charges.
  • Partial payment of the processing fee ( $1,250).
  • Additional family members can be processed for a discounted fee of $500 each.This discount applies to the spouse and any children under the age of 21.
  • Documents needed are an original Birth certificate, Civil state certificate (marriage, divorce). Pictures (2" x 2"): 4 front and 4 profile, white background is required

    A second citizenship is some if not all nations is an astute choice since it can not only secure your speculations but save your life. Its a shield that stretches out to your mate and youngsters. The sheer excellence of having a second international ID is that you require not surrender the first one. Several nations permit double nationality. It is an incredible method for protecting yourself in this increasingly confused world.   All documents offered by procuring agencies are guaranteed by same agencies to be absolutely genuine. We also offer a 100% Money back guarantee should the application not go through in the establshed timeline.

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    One step closer to exile

    No one knows which circumstances in your nation can compel you to search for a relocation. A second international ID is very helpful under such circumstances. Be that as it may, you need a second travel permit and substitute citizenship from another nation. Coming from a country like Pakistan, Bangladesh a passport of a nation like Guyana, Suriame, citizenships of those countries do make a difference. A 2nd passport of the Czech republic give you the rights to live in the EU Area.

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    What a second Citizensip could mean to you...

    A second passport means freedom from whatever forms of oppression -- fiscal or political -- you could be subjected to.