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Costa Rica

Costa Rica welcoming foreigners

Costa Rica lies in Central America  also widely known for its great biodiversity proclaimed in tourist sites such as beaches, rivers, forests, national parks with beautiful landscapes, including for most of its iconic and constantly growing cities. 

Costa Rica with a reliable and consolidated government model is one of the first countries to start up as a democratic system. Therefore it stands out for having developed one of the most competitive and stable economies in the continent. One reason,to be one of the most favorite destinations of those who are looking for “Pura Vida” (Good Life).

Urban areas are pretty relaxed and very attractive.  

In many senses, Costa Rica is also a country loved by many foreigners, not only by its friendly people but also by its natural beauty and astonishing landscapes. Costa Rica excels in all categories of indicators as a country where it is very easy to settle. 

89% of expats (expatriates for short) are comfortable with the general feeling of hospitality of the locals, while 79% say they feel “at home”. Both foreigners and natives form a community that identifies with the “Pura Vida” feeling, which encompasses one of the most common expressions in Costa Rica.

North Americans and many other passport holders will receive a free, automatic three month tourist visa at customs. That means you don’t need to apply for it, you just need to show up. However, they will want to see “proof” that you are leaving the country within ninety days.

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