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European Community 2nd Citizenship

EU 2nd citzenshipHx 8800 group presents a ***SPECIAL OFFER for a EUROPEAN UNION CITIZENSHIP $13,900 USD ***

The Location: in Central Europe, with an average Time to complete: 45 days.
The Documents included for an EU citizenship are the following:

 It comes with an EU citizenship Naturalization Certificate (or Birth Certificate) Driving License, Passport (renewable at any embassy, every 10 years)!
HX8800 offers a Family Plan with the EU citizenship with an 50% discount for spouse and children under 21.

Military Duty for the EU citizenship? = is not required.

The EU citizenship offers travel visa for free to all Schengen countries, UK, Central & South America

The EU is enlarging its territory into the eastern republics, that itself is nothing new but it opens a golden opportunity for those sharp enough to take it.

Ask for the EU citizenship now!

The eastern european countries are nurtured by a european culture have joined the EU community. Thus an opening of becoming european and get the EU citizenship comes up for the taking, it gives you the right to work & live in the EU. 

A second EU citizenship , legally processed and documented gives the bearer the full rights of a european citizenship. 

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Family History: In many European countries where ius sanguinis is the general guideline for citizenship, ancestors from that country will significantly help you obtaining the EU citizenship. Alternatively, you might be coming from a former colony or comparable cases (e.g., have Irish grandparents, which could get you EU citizenship). But you did not mention anything about those options, so I will suppose that this is not the case here.

In general, you need to establish residency in your target country first and this might prove the main hurdle on your way to a EU citizenship. Marriage or finding a sufficiently high-paid job are your best shots. Substantial financial investments (read: investing in big projects, opening businesses) are not necessary, they could however give you an easy way to obtain residency in most countries.  

Your rights – and how to use them

All citizens of an EU country are automatically citizens of the EU. Being an EU citizen gives you some important extra rights and responsibilities. Your EU citizenship rights These are spelled out in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Article 20) and the To raise awareness of EU citizenship among both the public and national authorities, the Commission periodically publishes an EU Citizenship Report. 

Moving & living in the EU

As an EU citizen, you have the right to live and move within the EU without being discriminated against on the grounds of your nationality. You may set up home in any EU country if you meet certain conditions, depending on whether you are working, studying, etc.

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What a second Citizensip could mean to you...

A second passport means freedom from whatever forms of oppression -- fiscal or political -- you could be subjected to.