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Immigration to Europe

When in Europe it could happen that your tourist visa rans out in six months, thus becoming an illegal resident in Euope. That means, amongst other things, that you need to lay low — avoiding police, etc. Thousands of people put their lives at risk as they go on a boat journey in search of what they think would be a better and easier living. It is a journey that begins with hope, but often ends in despair. People believe that if you go to Europe your life is good. Last year, more than 170,000 migrants arrived in Europe, representing the largest influx of people into one country in Europe's history. The cost to pay an Organisation passes the amount a 2nd citizenship costs.

Many countries that are unable to fill their skilled jobs, so they’re eager to offer work-permits to highly qualified candidates like doctors, IT workers, engineers, etc. Language makes the UK first choice: The fact that UK is a English speaking country and due to its relationships with Asian countries and its influence over them in the past (centuries) it remains first choice for immigrants. To make it easier, they might easily grant work permits to those who have a job offer/contract that guarantees a certain salary. For instance, Denmark offers work permits to those making over $66,000 per year, Ireland offers work permits for those making over $36,000 per year. If you have certain higher education (Masters, PhD) in a highly sought out profession, that can greatly expedite your visa application. For instance, Denmark has a "Positive List" program which lists in-demand jobs.

Europe is the closest wealthy, safe and accessible region from the Mideast and Africa. In some places, it's very close. Some European countries are falsely known for welcoming asylum seekers and providing benefits to help them get started in their new homes. But those countries are mostly in northern or western Europe. Do you really prefer to take the routes to Europe managed by smugglers who summon the migrants to travel with last-minute phone calls. Smugglers usually collect the money up front and show little concern for what happens next.  

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European 2nd citzenship

Directly into Europe

Should you be a descendent of someone who is/was a citizen of certain countries like UK, Ireland, Italy or Poland, you maybe able to apply for citizenship or residency based on family ties. That it does not have to be that way, you also could have a look into our Loan Passport program 

People form Argentina and Brazil are able to obtain an Italian passport due to a grandfather being born in Italy before emigrating to Latin America. Making them instant EU citizens with the ability to work/live in any of 27 EU countries!  

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