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European Economic Community

The biggest reasons are that there is no accountability in that region. People take the matters of the police in their own hands as the police is so incompetent. The rich seem to get richer and the poor seem to get poorer. To leave seems the only way out. Europe on the other hand has a lot of freedom people seem to take for granted.

As an European citizen or EU Citizen, you have not only the right to vote, you also have the right to work without permit anywhere in the EU plus the right to conduct business anywhere in the EU. To gain those kind of rights the admission is a CITIZENSHIP at a price of $12,500 USD

When it comes to the European community, there are EU member countries that have offered foreigners the possibility to obtain a European citizenship for money. Some countries such as Portugal, Spain and Hungary have imposed foreigners a requirement for acquiring real estate or government bonds in their countries in order to obtain their passports.

European 2nd citzenship

In the Schengen Area or the EU immigration into the European Union, the failure of EU countries in integrating immigrants, are a challenge and entrepreneurship is always welcome there.

When it comes to immigration to the european community people are eager to start on the 12-month timetable for residency, Many have sent the necessary paperwork just to be denied. The European Citizenship requirements, meant to make our program suitable to many avoind those perils. 

EU countries must find ways to integrate immigrants and faces a distorted public perception on immigration. With a 2nd citizenship integration is at least enhanced.  

 After all the EU Community is a zone of twenty-six European countries and all have agreed to abolish border controls at their common boundaries or internal borders with other member countries who belong to the Schengen Agreement.