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Western EU Citizenship

Western European 2nd citzenshipCountry = Western Europe (EU)

Program Fee = $19,800 USD
The Time for Delivery approximately 40 days.
Family Plan = 50% discount for spouse and children under 21
There won't be any Military Duty.
Documentation included: Naturalization Certificate (or Birth Certificate) Driving License, Passport (renewable at any embassy every 10 years)!

The documents offered by procuring agencies are guaranteed by same agencies to be absolutely genuine. and a 100% Money back guarantee applies

To see more about the arrangement of the EU please read on.

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Rock solid, best known for Travel Visa free anywhere to EU, UK, US and most other countries. Europe-over 2000 years of history, opening its gates for people equipped with the right nationality. Hardly any Visa or travel restriction due to the Schengen agreement. A second citizenship can give you what birthright denied you. 

 Most fortunate is the political and diplomatic way the European countries solve their foreign affairs, leaving its citizens more freedom when traveling abroad, regardless of your destination.

Absolutely no forgeries neither do we meddle with stolen or "lost" papers! HX 8800 Group is a mediator between clients who are interested in obtaining a legal & official 2nd citizenship/passport and those agents & facilitators who are capable and willing to help obtaining it. Physical presence is not requred for order processing and delivery can be arranged through the Embassy or Consulate of the country closest to your location. Alternatively, Delivery can be arranged via courier.

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A second passport means freedom from whatever forms of oppression -- fiscal or political -- you could be subjected to.