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Costa Rica Residency

Costa Rica Residency

Costa Rican Residency Status for Foreigners

Pensionado Source of Income- Minimum income US$600/month (or equivalent) per month from a qualified retirement plan or pension source, such as a government pension. The qualifying income must be for the applicant only. 

1. Pensionados - proof of a pension of at least US$600/month stating that it is for life and that it will be paid in Costa Rica.

 2. For pensions from the US Social security it is easier to obtain the certification at the US Embassy in Costa Rica. 

3. pensions from other government agencies (all countries) must have a letter stating that the government pays the pension. 

4. Pensions from other institutions must have a statement verifying the type of institution paying the pension.


Invest at least: 

1. US$50,000 with an approved organization in a field such as tourism or export businesses.

2. US$100,000 in a reforestation project. 

3. US$200,000 in another types of business. 

4. Visit Costa Rica at least once a year. The applicant can work in any type of endeavour in Costa Rica. The only exception would be where there are licenses required. An example would be a Doctor would have to obtain a license to practice medicine.   1. US$100,000 minimum investment paid into the corporation in full. (Documentation supplied by the legal department of the Firm.) 2. Photocopies of all pages of the passport. 

The following documents are required: 

1. Birth certificate 2. Police record-valid for at least three months from the date of issue. 3. Marriage certificate (if married). (These documents must be authenticated individually by the Costa Rican Consulate nearest to the place of their issuance.) 4. If the applicant has changed citizenship, a certificate of naturalization must be presented duly authenticated by the nearest Costa Rican Consulate. 5. Eight front and four-side passport size (2.4 cm X 3cm) photographs taken recently.



What a second Citizensip could mean to you...

A second passport means freedom from whatever forms of oppression -- fiscal or political -- you could be subjected to.