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Guyana 2nd Citizenship

Guyana 2nd citzenship

Guyana Passport and Citizenship

An English speaking country inhabited by friendly people, a member of both the British Commonwealth and Caricom (the Caribbean Community), a country whose citizens are well respected and given a friendly reception throughout the world. Being a citizen of Guyana has many advantages for you.

 Guyana citizenship provides visa free travel to more than 110 countries, and even to countries where a visa is required, travel with a Guyana Passport is quite easy, as the visas are easily obtainable. Republic of Guyana belongs to British Commonwealth what makes it as easy to travel worldwide as bearing British passport.

 The following countries do not require a visa for a Guyana Passport holder: All of the Caricom countries, all of the British Commonwealth countries, some European countries, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Suriname, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Belize, most African countries (especially Commonwealth members in Africa). The following countries require formality visa : Canada, USA, Australia, EU (visa-free for short period), Bolivia, Panama, Honduras Mexico. 

Guyana second citizenships

Advantages of being a citizen of Guyana: 

-Visa free travel: Guyana citizenship provides visa free travel to many countries in four continents of the world (except Australia, where only formality visa is required). 

- Guyana belongs to the British Community, what makes its citizenship a very attractive offer: Guyana citizens are protected by the Republic of Guyana and Great Britain (if no Guyana Consulates are located in your city).  

-Family option is possible and involves significant discounts for family members. 

-Short procedure: it takes only 18-25 days to obtain Guyana citizenship including filing in the Immigration Registry. Documents delivery takes 2-3 working days. 

-Cost-effective fees: Similar offers (from countries that do not belong to the British Community) start from US $150,000 (Dominica, Costa Rica). Guyana citizenship fees are only US $18,700 (all inclusive)

Flexible payment terms: 50% advance and the remaining balance due once your order has been completed -Name change possible: you can change your current name when applying for Guyana citizenship. 

-Guyana passport holders do not pay taxes on their worldwide income. -Guyana passport is valid for 15 years from the date of issue. It can be also in regular size (32 pages) or businessman (48 pages) for people who travel much.

Formality visa means simplified 1 day visa opening with and can be extended inside the country (in some countries it is stamped already in the airport upon arrival). Formality visa usually does not require personal presence at Consulate and may be ordered as an additional service and provided along with the documents.

Formality visas are obtained within one working day with no problem and can be extended inside the country for long periods (for those looking permanent residence in highly developed countries). 

Currently we are able to open visas to Canada and EU (we will send you the application from the Consulate visa will be opened upon receiving filled application and Consular fee, usually between US $40 and US $ 95). 



What a second Citizensip could mean to you...

A second passport means freedom from whatever forms of oppression -- fiscal or political -- you could be subjected to.