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Nicaragua 2nd Citizenship

Nicaragua 2nd citzenship

Nicaragua Passport and Citizenship

 Nicaragua is a young democracy with a developing economy. The national language is Spanish, yet most residents of the Caribbean coastal areas speak English, as well.

The climate is generally hot and humid with dry and rainy seasons. Terrain ranges from the hilly and volcanic to coastal beaches and tropical jungles.

Many foreign governments and relief organizations provide economic assistance to Nicaragua and numerous individuals (official and non-official) from the U.S. and the rest of the developed world work on community-based projects both in Managua and in the rural areas.

Nicaragua citizenship allows dual nationality and provides visa free travel to more than 114 countries, to other countries visa is obtained quite easy.

Advantages of being a Resident of Nicaragua:

-Visa free travel: Nicaragua citizenship provides visa free travel to many countries in four continents of the world. Formality visas are obtained within one working day with no problem and can be extended inside the country for long periods (for those looking permanent residence in highly developed countries).

- Spain allows easy naturalization to Nicaraguan passport holders.  

-Family option is possible and involves significant discounts for family members.

-Short procedure: it takes only 18-25 days to obtain Nicaragua citizenship including filing in the Immigration Registry. Documents delivery takes 2-3 working days.

- Cost-effective fees: Similar offers (from countries that do not belong to the British Community) start from US $150,000 (Dominica, Costa Rica). Nicaragua citizenship fees are only EUR 16,000 (all inclusive). 50% advance and 50% once the order has been completed.

All naturalization programs include Certificate of Naturalization and citizenship passport. Term depends on the applicant and does not exceed one month. These programs offer significant visa-free travel opportunity (all important destinations – Europe, America, Asia, Japan, Africa are visa-free). Citizens do not pay taxes on worldwide income. 



What a second Citizensip could mean to you...

Foremost it could mean paying less in taxes, next to nothing, something to think about.