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Suriname 2nd Citizenship

Suriname 2nd citzenship

Suriname Passport and Citizenship

Before 1975 Suriname was a dependency of The Netherlands and was called Dutch Guiana or Netherlands Guiana. Now called Surinam, the country has an area of 163,265 sq km (63,037 sq mi). The capital and the only major urban area is Paramaribo.

Today Suriname is a well developed country with good conditions for business, developed democracy. Surinamese are welcome to all four continents - majority countries have already established visa-free entrance for Suriname passport holders.


Advantages of being a citizen of Suriname: 

-Visa free travel for a Suriname Passport holder into more than 82 countries, including major countries: Switzerland, all EU member states, Israel, Brazil, Japan, Bermuda, Bahamas, Panama, Hong Kong, Korea, Chile among others.

-Suriname citizenship provides easy naturalization in Netherlands (being a former Dutch colony), what may be important for customers wishing to reside in Europe. There are more than 310000 Suriname citizens naturalized in the Netherlands.

-Low price and flexible payment terms. Total cost is $17,400. 50% of which must be paid in advance and the remaining balance due once the order has been completed.

-Name change option is possible when applying for Suriname citizenship.

-Family option is possible and involves significant discounts for family members. -Suriname passport holders pay taxes for their local income, but do not pay taxes on their worldwide income.

Very few of the native groups who originally inhabited the area remained. Agriculture has, for a long time, been the backbone of the Suriname economy, the mining of bauxite, an aluminum ore, generated the greatest amount of national income in the late 20th century.

Suriname citizenship program has also many significant advantages for its bearer: Due to its long history as an agricultural colony, population of the Republic of Suriname is represented by ethnic groups from four major continents. 

Suriname citizenship by naturalization requires minimum contribution for a sole applicant in amount of not less than USD 17,400 . Considered to be the most cost-effective and comprehensive program (along with Guyana citizenship naturalization program), as well as short by terms, Suriname citizenship naturalization program processing requires only 15-17 days after receiving required documents and fees. 

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Formerly a dependency of The Netherlands.

A second passport of a well developed country with good conditions for business, developed democracy.