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How to get a 2nd Citizenship

how to get a 2nd citizenship

There are just a few items necessary that will enable us to proceed with your order: 

1. A referral Fee in the amount of $250, 

2. Proof of Funds,

3. A brief outline of why you would like to obtain a 2nd citizenship.

A piece of advice and appeal onto prudence: any personal rapport is established via email. Plus, as this is a sensitive issue and implies even secret information every participant of those transaction has to be equally protected.

a second passport can be a lifeline, apply for a 2nd citizenship here


Due to contractual agreement, the sources for these products require us to ascertain that potential clients are duly qualified and have the necessary funds available to proceed to apply for a 2nd citizenship / passport prior to your being placed in contact with them.  Therefore we have been asked to pre-screen applicants. Please help us to help you in order to expedite your requirements. 


A short summary as to why you require a 2nd citizenship and what your intentions are with it, i.e. use as a banking document, for traveling, residency purposes, etc. 


20% advance and the remaining balance due once the order has been completed (40 days or less)

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