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Costa Rica Residency

Wealth is something we all want to archieve.

Wealth can buy many good things in life, including citizenships. To become wealthy you must prudently invest your money into goods with an enhanced value, a second passport is one of those things.

Wealthy people and the ones which would like to be have obtained second passports by spending time in another country and eventually qualifying for citizenship. And not only that, they buy VCC or Virtual Credit Cards without registration too, you can too by clicking here

Well in the 1980s St. Kitts and Nevis introduced a citizenship by investment program. Since then, various countries did actively made citizenship readily available to people based on investment. Such arrangements are available in the U.S., U.K., Singapore, Portugal, Spain, Guyana, Nicaragua and many other places.

Why do wealthy people seek second passports?

Having a second passport has become a something usual when being rich. The overly-rich posses some common concerns: They can buy what they want, when they want it. Buying $100 million dollar apartments in London and New York, spending a million dollar on watches, and his & her jets. Yeah Jets.

And yet, Rich in China will not give you clean air. A wealthy Argentine, Colombian is constantly at risk of being kidnapped. There are currency restrictions in China and you find some are uncomfortable political and economic instability in Latin America. So they acquire a second citizenship and with it the 2nd passport or 3rd or 4rth. Simply said: It gives people freedom. 

Why are some passports are more popular than other? 

For the U.S. well most Americans would like to live either in Europe or the Caribbean. The Caribbean is often viewed as a place to live in case something bad happens.

Wealthy Chinese like Caribbean passports due to making traveling easier – essentially it is a travel document. Chinese passports are restrictive whereas Caribbean passports let citizens travel to more than 130 countries without a visa. Those who consider Malta or Cyprus citizenship are often motivated by the sophisticated financial infrastructures in place in those countries. People can set up private equity or hedge funds there and benefit from a friendly tax regime. This makes these countries very attractive.

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