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Visa virtual cards can be used with any name and or address. You always will have your private data protected and your personal information remains secure. The prepaid virtual cards from hx8800.com are widely accepted, basically anywhere Visa is accepted. And you can communicate with us in English, Spanish or German.

2nd Passport Options

  •  Our association hx8800 Group is here to offer you several 2nd passport options 
  • just need to click here and can learn about the 2nd passport options hx8800 Group offers to you.

Do you need a VCC - Buying with Bitcoin, or another Payment form?

Many people do not like to use their own real plastic card because they are not sure if the information of the credit card can be compromised. Many people feel unsafe when using their own credit card because they fear their card information can go into the wrong hands. When shopping on the web with a Virtual Credit Card your personal information on the internet is secure. Or are you looking for wealth protection? just click here and we provide valuable information. Using these cards, you are able to share your info with any e-commerce site without the fear of being hacked and loosing your personal account details. 

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hx8800.com the best virtual credit card platform

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  • HX8800.com's Virtual Credit Cards are real, many sites promise you a VCC over BTC, or any other altcoin, just to lat you wait. 
  • There are bundles of websites online promising VCC, but hardy anyone delivers, least without registration.

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