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About hxx8800.com

About Hx8800.com history of expansion in the electronical money

The Birth of a hx8800.com  was formed in 2008, the brainchild of young Entreprenuer Berkim saw the potential in distrubution of electronically available money and information as a new Idea —and used his entrepreneurial spirit to acquire the firm. 

Hx8800 became the managing company for electronic plastic and begann serving as chairman. Hx8800 would reshape the industry.

Having earned trust and aquired a reputation of reliability made early growth possible. In the early 2010, the Chinese market for electronic money was dominated by a few major players. 

And with the industry entering a period of consolidation exploiting markets that had excellent growth potential.

Hx8800 mision statement to conquer electronical plastic, namely VCC

Opportunity and challenge go hand-in-hand as hx8800.com advances. Initially a local distributor of electronical currecy hx8800.com has evolved into a international partner providing value-added products. 

Its entrepreneurial, flexible, market-facing approaches enable effective partnering with customers by understanding their businesses and their goals. A central challenge lies in managing the company’s ever-expanding operations while incorporating new products, new technologies and new information systems. 

Opportunities for growth are vast and include expansions into new services, yet hx8800.com remains committed to the values underlying its continued success: people, customer service, value and excellence.