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With the right payment method (Inquire) so if you are travelling or shopping online from home, with your Virtual Credit Card, you can make payments flexibly and conveniently.  Just a few simple steps and you can start using your VCC. No need to activate the card unless you wish to verify a PP account or else. Only depending on your VCC's balance you can make payments as long as the card lasts.


To use your VCC, well there is no need to activate that card. If you have a virtual VCC goahead and shop.  We deliver the cards with their value minus our fee. Other than that you are good to go.  

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As your card is rechargeable you can just use at your free will. 

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Used up your balance? Recharge conveniently your Virtual Credit Cards whenever you like. Learn more about how to recharge here. The following top-up options are available to you:

You can top up your VCC using Paypal or Bitcoin.  You see those virtual cards can be easily topped up.

The very purpose of a virtual credit card?

  • To pay in any currency
  • To play and make fun on the Internet.
  • To book hotels, buy airplane tickets or rent a car.
  • To pay for goods and services on the Internet at international sites
  • To receive your profits in the virtual card and easily withdraw them

What are the special advantages of hx8800's virtual credit cards?

  • You receive them quickly thus saving time and effort.
  • You don't have to open a bank account for the card.      
  • You can top up your card with the necessary amount immediately before each shopping.
  •  The possibility for quick crediting of the card in a cash manner or via another of your cards at www.hx8800.com.
  • No registering needed.