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Virtual money and Virtua Credit cards

virtual money is an unregulated currency that is used as a substitute for real and legally recognized currency. Convertible virtual money usually has a measurable value in real money, but what makes it convertible lies in its ability to be exchangeable.  

Of of the most famous form of virtual currency is Bitcoin. It is decentralized because it bypasses the regulatory operations of central banks and central clearing houses which exist to monitor, verify, and approve transactions in legal tender. It is a peer-to-peer exchange tool because it is a currency created by the people for the people. 

Bitcoin is fully convertible and can be exchanged for real money based on its determinable value in the market. You can use bitcoin to buy a VCC from us, bitcoins disadvantage are the fees.

Convertible virtual money is a technology vanguard, the way goods and services are paid for and acquired. The recent rise of cross-border and e-commerce platforms for shopping has led to a demand for alternative means of making payments. 

The most rapidly evolving payments technology that is making waves in the digital world is to make digital real. Virtual money is used to purchase real-world goods and services. Virtual money is converted into a usuable Virtual Credit card that way your Convertible virtual currencies is convert their real goods.